An Anonymous Girl ~ Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

I don’t know where to even start with this one. I had such high hopes for this story. I loved “The Wife Between Us” so I thought this book could only be better right?

Wrong! I don’t know if it was because it was an Audiobook and the narrators were not engaging, or if it was the story line, or if the writing was always this bad I didn’t notice? It had some potential, I suppose to be a really good thriller.

Think about it, a mid-20’s woman needing to make extra cash to help provide for her family. Overhears a college student talk about a study she was to participate in that would earn her $500 for answering some questions. Pretend to be her and gets asked to further participate in the study on morals and ethics. Easy money.

The psychiatrist is conducting the study. But the questions are all based on her real life experience with a cheating spouse. Offer gifts and large sums of money to use the girl to trap her husband to see if he would cheat again.

While this sounds like the making of a good thriller, it’s annoying and predictable. After every dialogue sentence it ends with “I say.” Every. Single. One. Jess becomes overly concerned for her safety but still continues on. She begins to question the tasks she is asked to do. Yet, she doesn’t stop.

Dr. Shields is a crazy, jealous wife who uses “science” to prove her husband will always cheat. It wasn’t the first time nor would it had been the last. That is, if the ending would have been different. Which was another boring and predictable way to end the story.

Topping off the poorly written story was the narrations. So bland and dry. I found myself tuning it out on my ride to and from work. There was nothing about this story that was engaging or thrilling. I only kept listening so I could finish it for this review. Thank goodness Audible allows you to send a book back and get your credit back.

I do not recommend this book. I was very disappointed in the story and once I again I ignored the other reviews when I should have listened…

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