Unfinished Stories

I have some of the best intentions of actually writing something out. I have ideas that float around in my head, plots and characters, settings and scenes, all played out like a movie. Even when I read, my own story pieces itself together like it is being read aloud for someone to listen to.

Then, when I have those quiet moments to relax, I don’t remember half of my ideas or have the motivation to write them out if I do remember them. Most of my stories are unfinished, unclaimed, or just plain forgotten. I don’t know how to overcome this season of writers block. If you can even call it a block, more like a hiatus. I have committed to blogging at least once a week, and reading as often as I can, yet I still can’t carve out time to write.

I am a mom of three teenagers, two who are active in sports and one who has discovered girls. I have a significant other, we both work full time jobs. I am busy with laundry, feeding a family of 5, and making sure everyone has what they need. I use these as excuses. When in reality, I am just plain not motivated to commit anything to paper.

Nearly 4 months ago, we were ravaged by a hurricane. I spent a few moments writing the beginnings of a story once I was able to access a computer. And it has two paragraphs, the rest is empty. Two more story lines are floating in the spaces of my brain, waiting to see what will come of them. Maybe, someday, I will put pen to paper and add those stories to the pile. And maybe, one of them might actually get finished.

What is your unfinished story? Is it something you have yet to write or one you started and never returned to? Or maybe, your unfinished story is the path your life is taking at this moment, and you are waiting to see how it ends…Let’s talk.

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