Weekly Round-up

Each week I’m going to share some of my favorite literary finds and bookish gifts that I have loved receiving. If you have a bookish friend or looking for gifts yourself, check these out!

• I received these Hearth and Hand Library Note Cards to place in my books for when someone borrows them. It’s a great way to see who has borrowed them and who all has gotten to enjoy them.

• Every holiday I get a Barnes and Noble gift card. This year I found Library of Congress library cards that look just like the library card catalog I grew up with. Each have a book listed that is in the Library of Congress.

• The Hobbit was the first book I fell in love with and thanks to Frostbeard Studios I can have my house smell like the Shire. These soy wax melts are amazing. Check out their other literary treats.

• I can’t wait to delve into Where the Crawdad Sings My reading goal this year is to read more books written by women and if Reese Witherspoon recommends it, then I’m on board!

• Speaking of Reese Witherspoon, her podcasts and book club through her organization Hello Sunshine are a life changer. She is funny, adorable, and advocates for women in powerful ways.

I’m taking the rest of my day to cuddle under some blankets, drink some coffee and binge watch some Whose Line is it Anyways. Happy Monday!!

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