Banned Book Week 2018

It’s my favorite time of the year! Well, as far as literary terms go. Banned Book Week. The week we celebrate the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press) and recognize all those amazing literary gems that have been banned for one reason or another.

Somewhere down the line, we as a nation decided we could allow certain groups of people to dictate what was appropriate for people to read. Books ranging from some Dr. Seuss books, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Kite Runner, Handmaid’s Tale, To Kill A Mockingbird, and others have made it onto the list for various reasons.

Stories are meant to challenge, excite, teach, cause reflection, mirror society, or be just plain fun for the reader. Some stories predict a future that at the time no one thought was possible. *cough* George Orwell *cough* 1984.

Some give the reader a glimpse into another culture with the hopes of understanding them, like The Kite Runner.

Some show us a history we don’t want to repeat (To Kill A Mockingbird). And some, well some just make reading fun for any age (Harry Potter or Scary Stories).

So, in honor out of freedom to read whatever we damn well please, read a banned book. Share it with friends. Exercise your civil liberty and Read!

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