Remember Me This Way by Sabine Durrant

This is one of the only times that I have returned a book back to the library partially read and did not want to renew. The cover is very deceiving. What makes it even more sad, I loved Mary Kubica’s The Good Girl….and she gave a glowing recommendation on this story. RememberBlog

For the life of me, I could not get into this book. I would read a few pages and get so bored, I would put it down. I wanted to like Lizzie and try to understand her relationship with Zach, but I couldn’t. Maybe it’s because Zach was so hard to like and Lizzie was so pathetic sounding (and some because it reminded me of ex husband) but they were not characters I could even begin to want to know more about.

This story was suppose to have twists and turns, but it was just a yawn. Even parts that were made to make the reader question the reality, still seemed like an over dramatic story made up by Lizzie.

And really, if you find your dead husbands boots in someone else’s house, someone you barely know but was dragged to, wouldn’t you at least ask? Poor Lizzie was not likable enough to continue reading. I would not put this in the same rank as Gone Girl as BookHub suggested.

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