Into The Water by Paula Hawkins


This book has messed with my head enough that I had to take some time to process this before I could write down my thoughts. Like The Girl On The Train, this book takes you through a story from different character points of view. This story, however, has many different views of the same story. It was almost hard to keep track of who was connected and how. With almost each chapter being seen from a different viewpoint, it took me a little bit to really stay engaged in the story. I had to flip back and forth to see how it fit together.

That being said, there was a lot of deep character development and suspense at the end of each chapter to not give it away too soon. That is, until, you get to the last few chapters. They were short and lacking suspense. There was no climatic finish. I was actually a little disappointed with the last page of the story. It was kind of like she was running out of pages and needed to wrap it up quickly.

Even though it didn’t end with a dramatic flair or really end with a “Omg I did not see that coming,” this story had great characters and a strong female character, a couple of them actually. I recommend this book because it did keep me engaged and reading well past my bedtime. If you are looking for a book that leaves you feeling like the story was complete, then this is not it. This book leaves you processing the story well after the book is closed.

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