A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives

Have you ever read such a great book that you longed to be in the place and time? You become so engulfed with the atmostphere in the book that you completely forget where you are in reality. A great book has not only rich characters and depth, but the descriptions of the world around them is so vivid, that you can literally place yourself there, watching in the background. Whether you are looking for Narnia in the back of a closet or checking the mail for your letter to Hogwarts, every time you think of those stories, it’s not just the characters that stay with you. Good storytelling puts you there, in the scene with the characters. All senses are alert when immersed into a really good book.


Where does one find such stories? What if we just don’t have the money to spend or just really want to read the book but not necessarily own it….if only there was a place you could rent books…..what a novel idea…. (punny right?)


Lucky for us, there is! It’s called your Public Library! How lucky are we to have books at our fingertips and we can walk out with up to 10! (I tried for more…no such luck.)


Whether you are looking for a new recipe, DIY crafts, fascinated with history, have kids, teenagers, old people, books on tape, school reports, or just love a good book, go to the library. When in doubt, always go to the library. Harry’s life would have been a lot different if Hermione never went to the library……

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