Book Nerd Goodies

I love getting gift cards to bookstores. The only downside is it takes me forever to figure out what to buy since I want all the books! Every year my uncle sends me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for my birthday and Christmas, and this year I bought The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah, Knock Knock Stickies for work called Today’s Plan of Attack (I usually end up retreating every day instead of finishing it all!) and Lit Rebel Reader Book Buttons I am going to add to my library tote bag…as soon as I find one I love.

I had a few hours to kill yesterday and I decided it was a good day to get lost in the library. I have scoured Pinterest for thrillers that are similar to Gone Girl and these 5 were on multiple lists. While I love adding to my bookcase, and may buy ones I couldn’t find at the library, I am a big advocate of supporting your local library. I am currently reading The Wife Between Us.

Any day spent around books or literary goodies is a great day. What’s your favorite bookstore? And how often do you venture into your public library?

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