The Couple Next Door by Shari LaPena

The Couple Next Door

Okay, so I bought this book on a whim from the Bargain Bin at Books-A-Million. I am sucker for anything that is dark and twisty. Sadly, not since Gone Girl and Girl on the Train have I found anything that satisfies my hunger for a good psycho thriller. This is not a bad book. It is not a fantastic, oh my goodness what a story, type book either.

I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads because I did like the different turns as secrets unfolded. Let’s be honest, everyone has secrets. And when something happens that can shake your world upside down, those secrets come falling out. Each character had something to hide. What I didn’t like, is that each character was pretty much one dimensional. There was no depth to the characters, especially the main characters. The author did spend more time on one character over the others, but there still was no depth. No “oh ok, I can kind of see why they did that.” moments. No richness in the descriptions.

I read this story in about two days. Mostly because I needed to know how everyone intertwined, but I was hoping for someone to at least feel sorry for, or maybe cheer for. Not even the main characters gave me much hope. It had its fair shares of twists and turns, and if you are looking for an easy read that tickles your twisty bone, then this will do it. If you are looking from something with a little more depth and character development…keep looking.

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