A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes-Cinderella

I overheard the boys asking L. what his dream job was. He told them he was already doing it. So the boys starting sharing their dream jobs…Charter Boat captain, professional football player…. And it got me thinking. I have always, always, always wanted to own my own bookstore. After one visit to The Tattered Cover in Denver, CO, I knew what I wanted.

Now I have found the space. Granted it is set up for a night club, but honestly, it could easily become a bookstore/coffee shop/local artist venue. This town does not need any more night clubs or bars. It needs a good night life that is teenager friendly.

When we lived in Montrose, CO, there was the awesome coffee shop that was in what use to be a church. There were pool tables, endless cups of coffee, live bands, big comfy chairs, and all teenager appropriate. We may have drank ourselves silly with coffee, but it was fun and safe. We need more of those.

So I happen to see this location when Abs and I were downtown a few weekends ago. It is beautiful and I could totally see it becoming my dream….if only.

Can’t you just see it? A coffee bar inside and out. Space for books. Space to showcase local artists. A gift shop. The night club part could even be set up for local bands (like jazz or poetry readings or showcase local authors) The list goes on. Such potential in a town that needs more teenage activities. It is both buildings connect by the outdoor patio. It could be amazing….. (if you are dying of curiosity, check out Dwight Hicks Realty for more pictures. It’s the one at 100 Harrison Ave.)

What’s your dream job?

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