In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson

Peterson Blog

*I have received this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.*

When I first started reading Christian Fiction, Tracie Peterson was one of my first authors I really enjoyed reading. Her Alaskan Quest and Heirs of Montana series kept me up well past my bedtime and a very frequent visitor of the public library! Her flair for combining history and romance and a woman to root for makes for an amazing story. I have learned so much about those time periods, just by reading her stories.

In Places Hidden is Book One of the Golden Gate Secrets Series.  In typical Peterson fashion, we are transported into 1905’s San Francisco. Camri’s lawyer brother Caleb has gone missing. Leaving the comfort of Chicago and her upscale privileges, Camri is determined to find out what has happened to Caleb. As the story unfolds, we meet Patrick. Not only was Patrick a client of Caleb’s, Camri is quite drawn to him. He is her best chance of finding out what has happened to Caleb and, quite possibly, the best person to protect her as she uncovers some dangerous truths.

Peterson has given us a strong, independant, intelligent herione to root for as she willing delves into the dark streets of old San Francisco in search of her brother. Loyalty, family, and God are all interwoven into this page-turning novel. Readers are not only in for a great story, but some intriguing history as well. If you enjoy a little romance, danger, strong female characters, and a whole lot of Jesus, then you will love Tracie Peterson’s new book In Places Hidden.

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