One Blood by John M. Perkins

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*I received this book from the Publisher for purpose of this review.*

I feel I need to state that I honestly do not know much about Racial issues or conflicts other than what I have seen on the news. As a Christian, most of us (white Christians) do not think that there is a Racial issue within the Church. The Church is one Body of Christ so how could there be division among races? It is a very naive way to think.

John M Perkins shares the struggles the African-Americans have faced and how the Church should stand up for inequality and division. The Church shouldn’t shy away from diversity, as Perkins states God “loves to showcase unity and diversity.” Race in Scripture was never meant to divide but to express the diversity in God’s Church and creation. The only time a nation was punished was when it was disobedient to God, not because of their skin color or ethnicity.

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The predominantly white Southern Baptist Convention is breaking ties with its old way and electing African-Americans to leadership roles. The Church is changing its view on race. Perkins is challenging the rest of us to step up with it. Having grew up in mostly white Baptist churches, and attending mostly white schools, I have no authority nor knowledge to even begin to speak on such topics of race. John Perkins brought new light to the subject and explored the idea that the Church needs to start setting the example for the rest of the world.

For the Church to be the light in the world, we need to step out of comfort zones, learn from those whose walk is different from ours and start preaching that the Gospel is for every single person on this planet, regardless of skin color or ethnicity. “For God so the loved THE WORLD.” Not just one particular race or culture of people. If you want your views on race and the Church challenged and everything you thought you knew turned upside down, read One Blood.


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