The House on Foster Hill by Jamie Jo Wright

House on Foster Hill

*I received a copy of this book from Bethany House for the purpose of this review.*

I am sucker for a good mystery. Drama, suspense, page turning stories that keep you up way past your bedtime are my jam. The House on Foster Hill was just that kind of story. Debut Author Jamie Jo Wright knows how to tell a story that not only keeps you guessing but shows that love can be found in the strangest of places.

What I loved about it the most though, was that while it was a twist and turn story, it was a Christian Fiction book written to not only tell a good story, but on of forgiveness and hope.

Viewed through the perspectives of Ivy Thorpe and Kaine Prescott, we get a glimpse into how our lineage can affect our current life. One was a young woman in the early 1900’s who was desperate to keep those who had passed memories alive and the other was one in modern day desperate to find the truth behind the death of her husband.

The one thing to link them together was the House on Foster Hill. Death showed up in the hollow of a tree and Ivy sought to find the truth. Kaine needed an escape from San Diego and the house offered her a chance to start over. Or so she thought.

As you delve into the book, you see the similarities in Ivy and her great, great-granddaughter Kaine. Both needing to seek the truth, even if it meant losing their own life. Woven throughout the suspense and mystery is the love of God. His redemption of those who are lost and the hope that can found in a brighter future.

The House on Foster Hill keeps the suspense right up until the very end. Every twist and turn brings both Ivy and Kaine closer to peace and finality. I highly recommend this story if you are looking for a good mystery, a little romance, and the right amount of suspense.



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