Banned Book Week 2017

This is one of my favorite weeks in literature. I go through the books banned from the year before, find ones that had been on the list that I had missed, and always try to read at least one from the list. 

Somehow, I missed these two jems. Both were stories I had read as a preteen. Both were excellent stories that kept my young mind captivated. What is surprising is that both are banned. 

“The Face on the Milk Carton” was a story of a young girl who finds her face on a milk carton under the heading of Missing. She, with the help of her neighbor friend, discover the truth about her childhood and why she was on the carton. Published originally in 1990, this book was banned due to its content that was inappropriate for young readers. 

“Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret” is a coming of age story of a young girl hitting puberty. It’s centered around her and her friends andthem becoming teenagers. From discussions of periods, bras, and exercises on how to make your boobs grow, it’s like reading almost every preteen girls diary. This book was banned because of the discussion of periods and “sexual” feelings. 

It amazes me the things people will fight over. There is abosolutely nothing wrong with either book or the stories that they tell. But somewhere along the way, someone decided young readers can’t think for themselves and incapable of understanding the story line enough to separate their life from the story. I personally am thrilled whenever my kids choose to read. I as a parent will decide what is appropriate for my kids based off what I know. But NO ONE else should make that choice for me or for them. 

What’s your favorite banned Book? Do you agree or disagree with banning certain titles and why?

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