A Man Called Ove


“It sports a disgruntled expression, as if Ove owes it money. Ove stares back at it with a suspicion normally reserved for a cat that has rung his doorbell with a Bible in its paws, like a Jehovah’s Witness.” (Chapter 19 A Man Called Ove and A Cat That Was Broken When He Came.)

I am so glad I made the choice to read this book over the summer. Ove is a delightfully grumpy old man in England. Set in his ways, he is constantly interrupted by a host of odd neighbors and requests that he can’t get away from. Every chapter gives the reader a glimpse into the history of Ove and what makes him so grumpy.

Each chapter is aptly named to give you an idea of what adventure Ove will be unwillingly and unvoluntarily  going on that day. From his particular selection in auto makers to his morning routine, Ove is predictable yet his life is completely turned upside down by his new neighbors. It is a perfect, light read that is anything but light on plot.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for something fun and light, but still makes you think and reexamine those grumpy old people and perhaps see them in a different light. I am excited to read more by this author.

Stay tuned for Banned Book Week and a discussion on one of my favorite banned books.

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