The Kite Runner


*Disclaimer: This is not a book review of “The Kite Runner” yet. I am beginning to read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and want to do a compare and contrast of both books.*

With that being said, if “A Thousand Splendid Suns” wrecks me anything like “The Kite Runner” did, I should probably not be reading on my lunch breaks at work.

With our current state of affairs politically, these stories remind me that despite the anger and distrust and progress or lack of progress we have in this country, we are still extremely fortunate to live under a democracy, even if we don’t agree with the outcome.

Reading stories like these, I have more compassion for those who are suffering in other countries. My heart breaks for them, for the innocents, for the ones who follow along because they don’t have a choice, for those who so desperately want to stand up for freedom and justice, but risk death of themselves or their families if they do.

Lumping groups of people together because they share the same ethnicity, homeland, religion or gender does none of us any good, and it just gives us an excuse to look away.

I highly recommend “The Kite Runner” but will hold off on my review until the next post. Please share your thoughts on this book!

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